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Gary Kloepfer

Professional Labor & Employment Arbitrator/Meditator Superstar who allows people to talk about difficult issues, explore realistic solutions, and negotiate agreements. Professional Mediation On-Line and In Person. ONLINE (Zoom) service is provided so you can schedule your dispute resolution process at the time that works for you.

Professional and Experienced Dispute Resolution

As an experienced AAA and FMCS Labor arbitrator, I am dedicated to ensuring a fair and consistent application of collective bargaining agreements, rules, policies, procedures and laws.

I possess excellent intuitive skills necessary to make decisions. Experienced in the creation of binding decisions based on the language of collective bargaining agreements, facts, past practices, credibility, the law, and other understandings of the parties relative to the interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or whether or not sufficient evidence was presented to support or not support a discipline decision of an employee for a violation of company rules.

I possess a visceral, first-hand understanding, appreciation and respect of labor-management relations from the employer’s and employee’s (Union and non-Union) perspective.  

I understand the value of honesty, professionalism, integrity, and diligence and embody these traits within my interactions with clients. My responsiveness, attention to detail, and loyalty make her a natural choice when selecting an Arbitrator/Mediator.  

As a mediator I press hard for a settlement without being bossy. My philosophy is straightforward; An Arbitrator must be neutral, and must make their decisions based on the Contract and not rewrite the parties Contract. An Arbitrator must interpret the Contract as written as well and the parties bargaining history and practices.  

My overall belief is that the Parties should Arbitrate or Mediate rather than Litigate. 

Steps that lead day-to-day realities workplace relationships and other disputes within your orbit that can lead to all sorts of conflicts. All businesses with more than one employee are ripe for conflict which may be created by incidents outside the workplace. Workers bring their home problems into work, i.e., both parents must work, and the children need after school care, their may be incidents occurring at school, etc. There is virtually nothing your business can do to assist the employees when outside forces squeeze pressure on the worker’s life. This pressure cannot be turned off at the business entrance, it sits inside the worker until they work through the problem.

This the most critical time for the employer to assist the worker. Pay attention to their complaints; workers will unknowingly display displeasure with someone or some thing at work. Pay attention to your employees, if you believe something has gone astray in the employee’s work performance or quality of work, then it is time for you, as the Manager, to act. Do not pull the person to the side and discuss their work performance. They need a solution or solutions to their problem. This is the time to bring me in as Mediator to talk with the worker and the Manager and help them find their solution to the problem at hand.

A conflict has been abated by a cooler head.

There is no communication. They are talking past each other.

Talk to the person, initiate meaningful conversation. Do not communicate with a bull horn.

Successful communication solves employee’s level of stress and allows to be a valuable employee once again.

By calling in me as your mediator early in the process we can avoid the outcome of your business, like the picture to the right becoming a normal work event.

Let us work together to make your employee better who will in turn make your business more reliable and profitable.

Your employees are your greatest asset; treat them like they are of great value.

Do not believe you can do this alone; remember as member of management the employee may believe you are part of their problem. At Kloepfer ADR Services LLC, we strive to make your employees be productive and your business’ profits continue to grow.

My philosophy as a Mediator is to help resolve a dispute and allow the disputants the opportunity to discuss and resolve their dispute. Although my strength is conflict disputes in the workplace; I am comfortable being the Mediator in any dispute.
Contact me at (202) 251-1495 or gwkloepfer@gmail.com.

Gary Kloepfer

Look at picture below, what do you see? I see a major conflict that resulted in a complete shut down of your business, relationship, etc. A complete break down of your life. I, as the Mediator, have the skills to eliminate the dispute and restore the status quo. All disputes can be resolved early if we watch and listen and have the courage to initiate a resolution process. That is one of the main reasons you maintain your vehicle. You do not want it to break down while going on vacation because you ignore the warning lights that flashed across your dashboard.

Don’t wait for a major disaster/dispute to occur before calling me in to resolve the disaster/dispute. 

10 Reasons to Choose Mediation

1.  Mediation is affordable.

Professional Mediation services are  affordable and can be based on a sliding fee scale.

2.  Mediation is fair and impartial.

Parties have an equal say in the process and they, not the mediator, decide the terms of the settlement. There is no determination of guilt or innocence in the process.

3.  Mediation saves time and money.

Mediation works best when used early in a conflict, and many mediations are completed in one meeting. 

4.  Mediation is confidential.

Information disclosed during mediation will not be revealed to anyone.

5.  Mediation avoids litigation.

Mediation costs less - in time, money and emotional toll - than a lawsuit and avoids the uncertainty of a judicial outcome.

6.  Mediation fosters cooperation.

Mediation fosters a problem-solving approach - for anyone in conflict - that gets to the root of the issue to find true resolve for all parties.

7.  Mediation improves communication.

Mediation provides a neutral and confidential setting in which the parties can openly discuss their views on the underlying dispute. Enhanced communication can lead to mutually satisfactory resolutions.

8.  Mediation identifies underlying issues.

Parties share information, which can lead to a better understanding of issues affecting the relationship.

9.  Mediation allows personalized solutions.

An impartial third party assists the parties in conflict to reach a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution.  Mediation can resolve all issues important to the parties, not just the underlying legal dispute.

10.  Mediation works!

87% of those who used professional mediation services in the past year reached full or partial agreement.

90% reported that it improved their situation.

99% said they would recommend mediation to others.